Ferrari 348 (1989-1994) – Price tracker


Every week, we’re tracking the values of the most popular classic cars on the UK market. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, we can focus on one car and compare its values from 2005 to today – and then anticipate where they will be in 2025. This week, we’re casting a watching eye over the fast-but-flawed Ferrari 348, which has been a part of the marque’s stellar rise since the early 2000s. Classic Car Weekly’s editor David Simister tells the market story of this pretty entry-level Ferrari.

Ferrari 348 – The current situation

There was a point in the early 2000s when you could pick up Maranello’s junior supercar for less than the price of a new BMW 3 Series – and unlike a lot of 1980s performance cars, values stayed that way for years and even slipped back a decade or so ago. However, had you bought one for £20-25k then, you’d be looking at nearer the £40k mark today – and some exceptional examples have made upwards of £90k at auction.


Ferrari 348 – consistent climber

We’re tracking Condition 2 examples here, and in this case, prices have risen strongly over course of the past few years, but when they do turn up at classic car auctions, really nice ones fetch all the money, while the rest can still be had for sensible money.

Ferrari 348 price tracker

Ferrari 348 values have long been held back by the earlier 308/328 and later F355, but that’s starting to change as younger buyers who grew up with the 348 are now increasingly in a position to buy and run them as classics. We reckon that this will continue to be the case, particularly as restored 348s are now starting to hit the market.

Below are the typical prices for a Condition 2 example between 2005-2025.

  • 2005 £25,000

  • 2010 £28,000

  • 2015 £26,500

  • 2020 £40,000

  • 2025 £47,000 (anticipated)



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