The Ferrari Mondial was Ferrari's last production 2+2 mid-engined coupe, with the only 2 seater Ferrari's built since being the front engined V12 456 and the 612 Scaglietti.


The Mondial was a ground breaking Ferrari in not only being a 4 seater mid-engined car, with a chassis considered so good that it was used after production of the Mondial ended incars as recent as the Ferrari 360, but the Ferrari Mondial was also the first Ferrari to use power brakes, power steering and electronically controlled suspension.

Production of the Mondial ran from 1980, when it replaced the Ferrari 208/308 GT4 'Dino' to 1993. Designed by Pininfarina, it was Ferrari's entry model and was available in coupe and cabriolet formats. The Mondial started life as the Mondial 8.

The car used a V8 engine borrowed from the earlier Ferrari 'Dino' 308 GT4, with the Mondial's chassis also based on the 'Dino'. The engine was given an over-haul in '82 with the introduction of the Mondial Quatrovalvole, using an all-new 4-valve head.

'83 saw the introduction of the Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet. The soft-top body style lent the Mondial a lower, sleeker look, not too dissimilar to the Ferrari Testarossa.

In 1985, the Mondials engine capacity was increased and the new 3.2 Mondial was released, with output upto 270hp. The 3.2 Mondial also saw slight changes to the drivetrain and styling modifications to both the interior and exterior.

The Mondial's last incarnation as the '89 Ferrari Mondial T. The 'T' part of the name was a nod to the cars new engine/transmission lyout, which were laid out to form a 't', the same layout that was used on Ferrari's 1980's Formula 1 car. This layout also pointed the was future Ferrari V8's were to be built, the first of which following the Mondial was te Ferrari 348.

The Mondial is considered one of Ferrari's most reliable, and most inexpensive to maintain, models. With the practicality of the car further enhanced by it's 2+2 layout. It is for this reason that the Ferrari Mondial is a great entry car for those wishing to buy a classic Ferrari.



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