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MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL/280SL - £145,000

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Mercedes Benz 230SL/280L - Completely rebuilt 5 speed manual box Fabulous driver A remarkable tale we have to tell here From a sows ear we now have a silk purse for after 4 years of hard toil this 230SL has risen from the depths of a rusty hulk into the beautiful car, in the most remarkable condition This has not been made to tip a hat to the Concours judges - this is a rebuild to specific road use and acknowledges areas of the driving experience that could be enhanced The rebuild was so extensive that there are over 400 photographs and all invoices for parts from Mercedes Grill £4000.00 – headlights £1450 each… ouch! and the list go on and on These are not cheap cars to restore..... Every single body panel, piece of glass, all chrome trims, scuttles, floor pans inner and outer wings are all brand new from Mercedes 3 specialist Jigs, including a full rotisserie jig, were specifically developed and built just for this restoration No expense was spared and most of what you see on the car is actually brand new The first part of the car restoration was carried out in a large fabrication factory (from a company that does extensive automotive design works for Nissan, Landrover Jaguar etc) with Fibre Optic Lasers and alignment jigs to standards that were not possible back in the 60's Accordingly, the geometry of the car and build standards are irrefutably beyond what could have been done originally If what you are looking for is originality, with original panels, glass and etc then this is not the car for you For the collector who wants a truly well built car that drives better than new, that wants the best built Pagoda around that will look 100% original to anyone other than a Mercedes Concours judge and a car that drives like a modern Mercedes, then look no further It has a 5 speed manual Getrag265 from a BMW M3 (a conversion which the last owner developed and has been sold and fitted worldwide to over 70 Pagoda enthusiasts) On the open road or the motorway cruising at over 70mph leaves you with a much quieter and less frenetic environment - those who know, know Again for aesthetic reasons the 14" wheels have been replaced with 15" with 280SL hub caps, however the Michelin tyres have the same rolling diameter The engine is a fully restored 280SL unit for improved torque and ease of driving again - furthermore the 7 main bearing crankshaft is another added benefit - with a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system giving a really nice note on acceleration Again this has been designed for performance as well as looks so the rear tail pipes are slightly wider, giving the rear end a more masculine look Even the handbrake, normally difficult to reach as it sits in the passenger foot well as a left over from most cars being built in LHD, has been moved to a more accessible position adjacent to the drivers left leg Finished with an immaculate coat of metallic gun metal grey with champagne hide interior & matching carpets, a white steering wheel with matching gear knob (5 speed markings) and PAS too The soft top is a brand new unit in soft tan to match the interior and we have changed the radio for a period Becker Mexico - which works too Probably the best driving Pagoda we've used and one of the prettiest, the stainless steel exhaust provides an excellent note rasping slightly through the wider exists as the revs increase and the gearbox, with changes so smooth and clutch so light, vastly improves the experience At the rear she has a real purposeful stance with the 15inch wheels adding that extra beef that fits her so well And the interior is just a marvellous place to be and enjoy doors, locks, heating controls, windows, seats, glove compartment, indicator stalk, wiper controls etc etc etc all operating like a well oiled gun - the hood too really can be effortlessly erected and lowered with ease by one man Overall she's a pippin!

  • 54876 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 MANUAL
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: 208686BA-696D-47EB-B0A7-9F9100F2D957