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At Classic and Performance Cars we are passionate about all types of classic and performance cars. As a family run business, this passion drives our ethos for low volume and only the highest quality. We take our time to find the right car and research its history, and although this means we are able to source fewer models, it also means that we know that the quality of our stock is second to none. Our business started as a hobby. As a family we have collected classic and performance cars for over 30 years, and we realised early on that it was something we excelled at. We had the means, as well as the instinct, for finding highly sought after rare classic or performance cars. That’s why we decided to turn this passion and expertise into a business. With national and international contacts built up over many years, along with our expertise, we can locate and acquire cars with a solid history, low mileage and an immaculate interior and exterior. We know how to research cars and what to look out for, and this has led us to acquiring some of the worlds most exciting and sought after classic and performance cars. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to own and drive the car you have always wanted, and with complete peace of mind.

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