It may be the current home to a number of spiders, have a few things growing on it and look overwhelmed by dust, but this rare 1964 Alfa 2600 Sprint is not only an ideal project, it holds the potential to give you everything you could ever want from a car.

1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

The Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint only endured four years of production, resulting in a mere 7,000 being crafted within the Italian factory. A huge majority of these stunning vehicles no longer exist due to rust issues and drivers ploughing them into buildings and trees, leaving the remaining cars to be cherished by collectors and the public alike. 

This particular example is what they call a ‘genuine barn find’, stowed out of reach for 30 years and complete in every aspect except some missing keys, after covering a mere 66,000 miles it was placed into dry storage – preventing Mother Nature and Father Time from giving it a kicking. Thanks to a clever tactical decision, this 2600 Sprint is pretty much rust free. It’s also an incredibly rare right hand drive model, versions of which seldom surface for sale. 

Once given some TLC, this stallion is good for nearly 120mph, with a 0-60mph time close to 9 seconds, trumping nearly every sporty car of the time. Akin to the E-Type Jaguar or the Lamborghini 400 GT, the shape and aesthetics of the 2600 Sprint captures your emotions and doesn’t let go – we can guarantee that you will be unable to take your eyes off it when nearby. 

You are going to need deep pockets to bring this Alfa Romeo back to life, as parts are becoming ever rarer, while some jobs are intricate and moderately complicated. However, once you have spent the money to restore this old girl you will then be rewarded with something so much more distinctive, and more desirable, than almost any other sports car.

Shooting up in value, drop-dead gorgeous and utterly captivating to drive, here you have the opportunity to not only save a prime example that’s practically rust free (rather rare with these old Alfas), but also to experience one of the best classics money can buy.  An opportunity not to be missed.

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