MGB Roadster (1979): Well-bought Wednesday

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Every week, we’re highlighting an auction bargain that we reckon was well bought. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, and its roving classic car auction reporter, Richy Barnett, we’ll bring you some interesting classics at much lower-than-expected prices. This week, we’re looking at a nice, honest MGB Roadster.

  • Car 1979 MGB Roadster

  • Sold for £4760

  • Original estimate No reserve

  • Historics

Long story short: the market for these later MGBs has changed

For a long time rubber-bumpered Bs were way cheaper than their chrome-bumpered siblings. But as new people came into the classic scene the question would often be ‘how much difference does it really make? Younger buyers might not be concerned, and older, more experienced classic enthusiasts simply might not care as much as they once did. And as a result later ‘B Roadsters remain popular and, if anything, are seeing their popularity strengthen.

There are still plenty around, which has kept prices in check

The sheer number of specialists catering for these cars and the plentiful supply means that numbers are far healthier now than they are for many of their Sixties and Seventies counterparts – but what that means is that there’s always a steady trickle of ‘Bs coming onto the market, and so buyers can afford to be choosy. What that meant was steady – but not overwhelmingly strong – competition for this example, which meant that this car’s lucky new owner didn’t pay over the odds to get a great example.

The condition helped make this MGB stand out...

A later model in the lesser-seen black (which does a good job in negating the appearance of the bumpers) with Rostyles and grey ‘deckchair’ trim worked well. This was an older restoration (Historics helpfully pointed out there were photographs of the work in the large history file) that had lasted well. The bodywork was good, as was the panel fit, and the paint still looked good, while the external trim was in equally good order. The interior had mellowed nicely, the driver’s seat having a slight bagginess while the dashboard, door cards and trim had lasted very well. 

MGB Roadster price guide

  • Concours £9000+

  • Good £4000-6000

  • Usable £2000-4000

  • Project £1000-2000

  • THIS CAR £4760

Well bought MGB Roadster: The verdict

Great price on an evergreen classic that’s always in demand

Paperwork included those restoration photographs, handbook, bills and the original delivery documents. Presenting well and coming with a just-passed MoT test certificate, it was a first-rate buy.

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