Jaguar Mk9 (1959): Well-bought Wednesday

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Every week, we’re highlighting an auction bargain that we reckon was well bought. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, and its roving classic car auction reporter, Richy Barnett, we’ll bring you some interesting classics at much lower-than-expected prices. This week, we’re bringing you a solid Jaguar Mk9 that sold below its lower estimate.

  • Car 1959 Jaguar Mk9

  • Sold for £11,200

  • Original estimate £12,000-14,000

  • Brightwells

Long story short:
It’s an old Jag – but not one on most buyers’ radar

Funny things, Jaguars. The market clearly loves any sporting model, from XK120 through to XJ-S/XJS, and clearly it goes a bundle on Mk2 and all Series XJ models. But, for some inexplicable reason the market tends to shy away from the ‘big stuff’, the MkX and its Mk7-Mk9 predecessors. There’s no reason why that should be, but that means the company’s range-toppers are actually some of its better deals.

Left-hand-drive limited this one’s appeal...

As this one was originally a US-market example – as so many Jaguars of this era often were – and only recently reimported, it retained having its steering wheel on the ‘wrong’ side for UK roads. While plenty of classic fans happily live with left-hookers, it puts off a good proportion of buyers, who’ll stump up a premium for right-hand-drive, UK-market examples instead.

...but that meant good condition in this case, too.

Time in California had stood this IX in good stead – a good thing because any structural or cosmetic refreshing would not be cheap. Brightwells noted the body being ‘commendably straight and rust-free’. Panel fit was good while the recent black over red paintwork and the vast expanse of chrome smart. Often the maker or breaker for a punter buying one of these cars is the interior and the interior was good enough. Being sold to warmer climate meat the seats were Ambla rather than leather, and they, along with carpet and headlining, were good. The wood was all there but needed a decent polish to bring the interior ambience up a notch.

Jaguar Mk9 price guide

  • Concours £20,000+

  • Good £10,000-20,000

  • Usable £6000-10,000

  • Project £3000-6000

  • THIS CAR £11,200

Well bought Jaguar Mk9: The verdict

This one offered a lot of hidden value!

This Mk9 offered room for further improvement, and while some might have been put off by it being left-hand drive, for the more broader-minded this was a canny buy. Way more bang for your buck than a Mk2 in similar nick, and with as much presence as a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud for considerably less cash.

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