Daimler Super V8 (1998): Well-bought Wednesday


Every week, we’re highlighting an auction bargain that we reckon was well bought. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, and its roving classic car auction reporter, Richy Barnett, we’ll bring you some interesting classics at much lower-than-expected prices. This week, we’re bringing you a well-priced Daimler Super V8.

  • Car 1998 Daimler Super V8

  • Sold for £2750

  • Original estimate £4000-5000

  • Barons

Long story short:
It’s still relatively undervalued by the market...

The Super V8 hasn’t really been picked up by the modern classics market in the way an XJR or Bentley Arnage has, but it’s definitely a saloon with inherent classic credentials. But give it just another five years and this Daimler will be seen in a true, blue-blooded classic light.

..and it isn’t a Jaguar

Many people would have bought a Jaguar and up-specced it to the max because they didn’t know the Daimler existed, it was hardly ever advertised and not all Jaguar main dealers would have stocked them. As a result examples are few and far between. That’s a pity because it is a highly attractive and more affordable – those who bid knew exactly what it was, but it has a relatively small following, which holds back prices.

You had to look closely to see this Daimler’s value

What counted against this Daimler – and why, we suspect, it sold for below its estimate – were the 145,000 miles piled on by its four owners, but a quick look through its history revealed it’d been cherished rather than run on a shoestring, including an invoice in June 2015 amounting to more than £6000 for work. While service history is always important, it’s especially the case with cars such as these.

Daimler Super V8 price guide

  • Concours £9000+

  • Good £4000-9000

  • Usable £2000-4000

  • Project £1000-2000

  • THIS CAR £2750

Well bought Daimler Super V8: The verdict

its condition made it a sound buy

Panel fit was good and the rear wheelarches had no signs of corrosion. The interior, trimmed in cream leather, was in very good order as were the wooden door fascias and picnic tables. This model had the bench rear seat rather than two individual seats, the latter being available as an option.

Its new owner did very well

Super V8s seldom appear at auction, but this was a well-maintained model in the right colour combination with the benefit of an MoT test lasting until October 2021. Considering it went for a nearly a grand beneath is lower estimate, this was definitely a savvy purchase.

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