Missing your tax disc? Here's something for you

Car facts discs now available

Car facts discs now available

If you’re missing your tax disc, and fancy sticking something in your screen to replace it, then Buzz2Get has just launched a new product just for you. The Car Facts Disc is designed for classic car owners to provide detailed information on their pride and joy for others to view in digital form. Imagine – no more lugging around showboards – what’s not to like?

The Car Facts Disc system is based around software which allows car owners to upload details about their vehicle’s history and restoration journey along with images, video and even hire rates and availability for film or wedding use. It can also show if the car is for sale. Passers by spotting the disc in the car’s windscreen can use their smartphone to scan the BuzzCode on the disc that links to the uploaded information on the Car Facts Disc portal.

There are no apps to download, or other digital hurdles to overcome. The software behind the Car Facts Disc integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of modern smartphones, and there are no ongoing hosting fees or hidden charges. Priced from £17, the Car Facts Disc is available just in time for Father’s Day via www.factsdisc.com


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