Rover P5B Coupe (1967-1973) – Price tracker

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Every week, we’re tracking the values of the most popular classic cars on the UK market. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, we can focus on one car and compare its values from 2005 to today – and then anticipate where they will be in 2025. This week, we’re casting a watching eye over the delectable Rover P5B, which has enjoyed a roller-coaster value ride in the past 15 years. Classic Car Weekly’s editor David Simister tells the market story of this most ministerial of Rovers.

Rover P5B Coupe – The current situation

Plenty of market-watchers raised an eyebrow when a Rover P5B Coupé (pictured) made £45,510 at Classic Car Auctions’ December sale. It was a UK price record, but one that shouldn’t be treated in isolation, as values have really picked up over the last five years or so. CCA’s was a top-flight example, but even more reasonable examples have picked up in price, going from £9000-12,000 back in 2016 to more than £20,000 today.

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Rover P5B – sporadic rises in value

We’re tracking Condition 2 examples here, and in this case, prices have see-sawed over course of the past few years, but when they do turn up at classic car auctions, it’s only really the nicest ones that attract the most interest from bidders. After flatlining during the 2000s and 2010s, the P5B Coupe has jumped sharply in the past five years or so, and look to hold firm on this high base in the future.

Rover P5B Coupe price tracker

Buyers competing for the very best examples have been pushing up the price ceiling for P5B Coupés over the past two years or so, which has gradually pulled up values of more reasonable examples. The Coupé is also the one that enthusiasts hanker over – with the top price for a saloon standing at a far more real-world £17,000. 

Below are the typical prices for a Condition 2 example between 2005-2025.

  • 2005 £7750

  • 2010 £9500

  • 2015 £9500

  • 2020 £22,000

  • 2025 £25,000 (anticipated)

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