Fiat Dino Spider (1967-1973) – Price tracker


Every week, we’re tracking the values of the most popular classic cars on the UK market. Thanks to our friends at Classic Car Weekly, we can focus on one car and compare its values from 2005 to today – and then anticipate where they will be in 2025. This week, we’re casting a watching eye over the beautiful Fiat Dino Spider, which like anything with even the thinnest Ferrari link has done well during the last 15 years. Classic Car Weekly’s editor David Simister tells the market story of the Fiat you can take to Pebble Beach.

Fiat Dino Spider – The current situation

French auctioneer Aguttes recently sold a Dino Spider, and while its €90,000-120,000 (£81,000-108,000) seemed steep, it’s final sale price of €189,100 (£170,500) shows you how highly regarded these Ferrari-engined roadsters are these days.

Back in the early 2000s you’d have been able to pick up a decent example for under £30,000 but in the past decade prices have shot up, and you’re now looking at anywhere between £75,000-100,000 for the same car, and we’ve seen concours examples being advertised for considerably more.

Fiat Dino Spider – huge jumps in the 2010s

We’re tracking Condition 2 examples here, and in this case, you’re looking at a rare beast in the UK, but when they do turn up at classic car auctions, Fiat Dino Spiders – especially ones that are potentially affordable by needing a little work – they do really well.

There is a Ferrari connection thanks to its jewel-like Dino V6 under the bonnet, but these cars landed firmly on the buying radar between 2010 and 2015 thanks to a large overall rise in the market for Italian sports and supercars. Fiat Dinos were no exception.


Fiat Dino Spider price tracker

The Pininfarina-styled Dino Spiders are sought after not just because of the Ferrari connection, though. It’s also because they’re far rarer the Bertone-penned Dino Coupé, for which there are three times as many survivors. We reckon prices could climb a little further still for the right examples.

Below are the typical prices for a Condition 2 example between 2005-2025.

  • 2005 £20,000

  • 2010 £26,000

  • 2015 £80,000

  • 2020 £95,000

  • 2025 £110,000 (anticipated)


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