Top Cars From The NEC

ClassicCarsForSale sent photographer Gillian Carmoodie off to explore the NEC, returning with these fine pictures. Suffering post-NEC blues? Let Gillian's photo album provide a stop motion tour of the classic cars that caught our attention. 

Poor Gillian. Not only did she have difficult conditions in which to photograph during the NEC - tricky lighting, masses of people, confined spaces, the overpowering smell from the Classic Car Weekly stand - but she also had to look after the CCFS team. Besides having to make sure James Barnett didn't take out a second mortgage and buy the Jaguar XJ220 he fell for,  Carmoodie also had to keep our Calum on the right path - as he became distracted by all the shiny objects and parts stands. If it wasn't for Gillian, Calum would also have purchased a Lada Samara. God bless you, Miss Carmoodie. 

You can find Gillian's work for Land Rover Owner International's NEC album here. 

Now, enough words! CCFS proudly present Gillian's NEC photo album. You can smell the petrol fumes... 

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