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6th Dec 2017 - RM Auctions - New York, Icons


RM Sotheby's is set to amplify its third iteration of the Manhattan-based auction in partnership with Sotheby's by hosting what will undoubtedly be the culmination of all collector car auctions in 2017. Celebrating the cutting edge of automotive design, RM Sotheby's will present an expertly curated roster of iconic automobiles from the world's most admired marques.

The auction will return to the Sotheby's global headquarters in Manhattan, where the roster of "ICONS" will be on display as part of a week-long celebration of auction events surrounding the newly established Sotheby's Luxury Division. The winter event will be one of the most unique auction events of its kind, offering clients and enthusiasts an unparalleled experience at the heart of the auction world spread across multiple genres and platforms.

The auction is approaching fast, and consignment space is limited. The event will attract the top collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe into one room while your car is sold. As market leaders in the collector car industry, you can rest assured that RM Sotheby’s will exhaustively research, market, and present your vehicle to the people it needs to reach.

Sorry, no listings have yet been announced for this auction