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31st Mar 2024 - Catawiki - March Online Auction


From a Mini to a Jag, a Mustang to a Chevy, a classic car brings a touch of something special to your driveway.

A classic car competes on a completely different level. It’s not about looking for a car with all the mod cons, high efficiency, or incredible speeds. It’s not about your average daily commute—it’s the experience. And with the dream of restoring your classic car and riding off into the sunset, it’s a fantasy many of us share.

The wind in your hair, the history, and the story of the car all come together in an unforgettable, timeless love. Human and machine back together. 

There’s nothing like the craftsmanship

A classic car takes us back to the good old days, where crash tests and aerodynamics were far-fetched dreams away. The design, the labor, and the love that went into creating a classic car are second to none. There really is nothing like craftsmanship.

With a special uniqueness, an individualism you just can’t replicate with a modern vehicle, a vintage car is not just any old car. And with that unmistakable smell of nostalgia, owning a classic car is a life's dream. 

Perhaps you’re looking for that car your dad owned or the car you dreamt of as a young person. Maybe you’re searching for the movie star car or the backseat ride where you shared your first kiss. Whatever it is, it’s an achievable dream with our online classic car auctions.

Classic cars in the auction

Every journey needs a starting place and yours is right here in Catawiki’s online vintage car auctions.

Hunt big names from racing icons Ferrari or Porsche to the reliable Ford, or discover the lesser-known classics from Pontiacs to Bianchis. They all have a home here in our online auctions. 

With our team of classic car experts who oversee every auction, you can be sure that you’re finding the real deal. We list vetted cars, show genuine reviews and introduce you to expert sellers. Buying a classic car online in a  Catawiki auction couldn’t be easier. 

In our classic car online auction, you’ll discover exactly what you were looking for.

Sorry, no listings have yet been announced for this auction