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1933 SUNBEAM 25/30 HP Pillarless Sports Coupe - £47,000

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Here we have my 1933 Sunbeam 25 Pillarless Sports Coupe. I bought this car at auction last year after watching it being passed from auction house to auction house with an inaccurate description of the mechanical condition.

The car is extremely rare and is one of only two known examples. This one and one in New Zealand

I decided that I wanted to take the car on and completely rebuild the engine and finally make it mechanically sound.

The work that has been carried out has been done by the most reputable people in the industry. The cylinder head has been completely reconditioned with new rockers, shafts, valves and seats. The head was pressure tested and repaired where needed. It was also skimmed. It is now absolutely lovely.

The bottom end I took apart myself and sent the complete set of parts to Formhalls Engineering in Hampshire. They are extremely professional and their work is to an extremely high standard and comes guaranteed. The work carried out by them on the bottom end was: New white metal on all main bearings and all big end bearings. All the conrods, cranshaft and flywheel were balanced. The crank was ground to make true. The block was rebored, skimmed and all new pistons have been fitted. The camshaft and followers were checked and found to be true.

One of the engine mounts had a crack in it so I had a new one milled from aluminium.

I assembled the engine myself, as I do with all my own cars. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and have always rebuilt my own engines. I made all new gaskets where needed and a new head gasket was purchased and fitted.

The car has electronic ignition now for improved running.

I am selling the car as I have taken it as far as I want to and, for he first time in years, she drives as she should do. I can't begin to tell you how badly the engine had been bodged and put together prior to my purchase.

The body paint could do with some work or you can use as is. The interior is in lovely original condition and really wants to be left alone.

Please contact me for any further information.

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