Classic Car Weekly on sale now!

Classic Car Weekly on sale now!

Get the latest facts and information on radio DJ Chris Evans' decision to launch his own classic car show, plus

Rare 911 unearthed

Depreciation busting classics, Mercedes-Benz & Alfa Romeo

Alvis price trends

TVR S-Series Classic Road Test, get the lowdown on this classic sports car

Vauxhall Victor Buyer's Guide, prices in CCW from £500

Mg RV8 Buyer's Guide Express

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First two winners of £100 announced

The first two winners of our 'Win £100 a day' competition have been drawn and notified. Congratulations to T Rose from Wolverhampton and J Spink from Dundee.Don't miss out on your chance to pick

DRIVEN: Renault 4L

The Renault R4 is one of the most rational, charming, loveable classic cars ever made, and Classic Car Weekly's Keith Adams falls under its spell...It's funny how many people like to talk about classic