The Footman James Bristol Classic vehicle Restoration Show

The Footman James Bristol Classic vehicle Restoration Show

A few weeks ago you will have noticed I ended the ‘Events Newsletter - this was done for a very good reason; I was struggling to find anything worth writing about.

October is probably the most depressing month for any classic car lover in the UK, as it is usually the month when we accept the weather is going to have an adverse effect on our cars, and so pack them away for the winter. Then as if to really rub salt into the wound Christmas decorations start appearing in shops and you realise your one excuse for not spending time with your family has now been taken away.

Fortunately the gods of motorised vehicles realised what a raw deal we were getting and held a meeting that dictated that November had to be pretty good. This weekend coming up we have the Bristol Classic Vehicle Restoration Show and next weekend weve got the NEC Classic Car Show. They appear to both be called the Footman James Show now so try not to get confused by this!

Ill cover off the NEC next Tuesday but with the Bristol show this weekend Im dedicating this weeks update to this. As the name suggests it focuses on restoration and if you have an ongoing project this is a great place to go for some ideas. Below is a list of some of the more interesting club stands that will be on display.

• The Atwell Wilson Motor Museum is displaying a museum theme

• 2CVGBs display will focus on the restoration of seemingly un-restorable dire projects.

• Exeter Motorcycle & Light Car Club will focus on chassis restoration, the cleaning of soft tops and seats.

• The Imp Club will have engines in various stages of restoration, showing how they are actually put together.

• Riley Motor Club will demonstrate the overhaul of front suspension and hubs.

• The Singer Owners Club will provide answers to questions on all aspects of restoration.

• The Somerset area of the Triumph Sports Six Club will have a drag strip display.

• The Volvo Enthusiasts Club will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the P1800

• The Wolseley Register will have an example of aluminium bodywork in the process of reconstruction.

For more details on the show please visit their website at


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