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HONDA NR750 - £99,995

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A recognisable feature of the Honda NR is the unique engine. NR750's complex engine uses oval pistons, each supported by two titanium con-rods, while each cylinder has eight valves, twin spark plugs and two fuel injectors.

Mitsuyoshi Kohama, who would later design the RC211V MotoGP racer, designed the NR750 with the intention to showcase Honda's advanced technology and this came at a price. The Honda NR retailed at 38,000 pounds and with limited production, the model continues to be highly sought after.

The origins of the 'NR' series of motorcycles lie in Honda's return to Grand Prix motorcycle racing in the late 1970s, following an absence from participation in the 1960s. The revolutionary V4 engine has the feel and effect of a V8, and was engineered as a result of Honda's reluctance to switch the original NR500 from a four-stroke to two-stroke machine. In Honda's absence, Grand Prix motorcycle racing had become reliant on 2-stroke motorcycles, which could easily attain a higher specific output than a four-stroke equivalent. Honda's initial solution in creating more power was by increasing the amount of cylinders. However, due to Grand Prix rules limiting race bikes to four combustion chambers, Honda had to find alternative method.

This prompted the ingenious idea of creating a four-stroke, four-cylinder engine. Such a configuration led to almost unprecedented complexity in terms of engine design, with 32 valves and eight con-rods incorporated into the dimensions of a regular four-cylinder motorcycle engine. The NR was capable of developing approximately 125 bhp at 14,000 rpm in standard form, with a top speed reaching up to 160mph.

This pristine example was first registered in Switzerland before being sold to its first private owner, and in 2008 purchased by a French vendor. It has been used only sparingly and currently displays a total of 2,679 kilometres on the odometer. This superb machine represents a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most keenly sought after motorcycles of modern times.

  • 2679 Miles
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