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This is the time to buy! Splitty prices will increase in spring! That's the hard sell done with! I've put together some info on my '66 Bus which I'm selling due to illness. The good and the bad. To be honest, 99% of the stuff I've put under bad is very minor: mostly cosmetic personal preference stuff. I just want to give you all the info. I'll consider serious offers and possible part exchanges. Please realise that I've priced this beautiful bus between Brazilan built versions and German show buses. This could be a show bus with a small investment of time and money... I wanted one that looked the business but was a practical tourer. Anyway, here are the details: History The bus was born in Hannover, Germany, in mid 1966 and shipped to Houston/San Antonio that year. She eventually found herself in California where she spent many years as a surf bus. The bus was imported into the UK around 2004, restored, and then registered in 2006. She was given a London area aged related plate. The bus passed hands once before I bought it off a young couple who'd just had a baby and needed the money. Finding that the bus was not as straight as I'd been led to believe, or as professionally restored, I decided to deal with the rot. Here are the details: Body Good: I had all the rot cut out. The work was carried out by Sussex Aircooled. They went above and beyond with the restoration of the tailgate, and the correct positioning of the side and passenger door mounts. In all, I spent about 20 grand with them. I have the receipts. The body is still solid. The body is very straight. I've seen a lot of splitties with severe panel rippling. Ours is great. The rear and side doors fit great; the driver and passenger doors need a firm hand to shut. They've been like that since new seals were fitted. Bad: There's a dent under the rear driver's side taillight. A little old lady did it in Sainsburys car park. It's actually hard to see unless you're up close but you might want to get that sorted. Exterior paint Good: I had the bus resprayed in the same codes she was in when I bought her: Porsche Sahara Beige and Porsche Chocolate Brown. These are classic Porsche 911 codes. The idea was to reference the original early 50s beige and brown design that some buses came in but get a more vibrant custom look. It makes the bus standout at shows, and she's a real head turner on the road. Aside from the aforementioned dent, the paint is in excellent condition. I keep it clean and polished... The bus really pops in the sunlight. Bad: There are some paint cracks on the rear bumper. Again, you don't really notice the cracks unless you're looking for them. Also, there are a few minute stress cracks in the paint under the windshields and the driver side of the body. Quality polish has protected these from the elements. Roof Good: We had the bus resprayed up to the roof guttering so the roof paint is older. The reasons for that are: the roof is solid and didn't need any repairs; the budget was already taken up with the rest of the restoration; and, there are hibiscus flower outlines on the roof to match the interior door and panel cards, and cool box. Bad: Since the restoration work, the vinyl hibiscus outlines have begun to peel in places. My plan was to remove them completely and give the roof a good polish to match the shine on the bodywork. Plus, the roof guttering has some light surface discolouration, possibly rust. I protect the guttering with polish and it hasn't got any worse. This is a common area for serious rot in a splitty so I've been vigilant. The pop top Good: The push-up top mechanism works great. It doesn't let in water when you're driving like some do, and it provides great ventilation when camping in hot weather. Bad: The fabric is a bit worn but as we wouldn't expose it to rain anyway, it hasn't been necessary to replace it. Brightwork Good: There's not that much chrome on the van. The front and rear indicator rims are in great shape, as are the lenses. Bad: The bus has its original headlamp rims and these are pitted. I kept them on for old times sake but you might want to rechrome or replace for fresher looks. Note: In classic splitty bus style, the door mirrors are essentially for decoration. If touring, I'd recommend getting bigger clip on mirrors although I've been all over France and Belgium in the bus and visibility was fine. Interior Good: As we wanted to tour in the bus we didn't spend much money in the interior as it was tidy and functional. We did have a new checkered floor covering fitted, seat belts for the rear bench seat/bed, and a 12 volt charging point on the panel under the bench seat/bed. There is a surf board table, surfboard rear mirror, interior spot lights, curtains, and clip on window insulators for use at night when you're camping. The full size rock'n'roll bed has a two tone vinyl cover and some storage underneath. It's in good shape. The window glass and seals are in good shape too. Splitties can suffer frov

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