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FOR SALE 2005 PHAETON V10 TDI LWB 4 SEAT. Headline Details . Full album of images available here https pBzSTNtHrg9UDkXY7. 2005 Volkswagen Phaeton 5.0 V10 TDI LWB 4 Seater. 1 of only 25 RHD V10 TDI LWB 4 Seaters ever built. 18 of these 25 rare cars are left 12 on the road, 6 SORN Data . Owned by Volkswagen UK for 5 years on their VIP Fleet. Owned by 1 Private Chauffeur for 10 years almost exclusively used as Dame Shirley Basseys ground transportation across Europe . Owned by Myself 3rd Registered Owner since January 2020 for business use National Sales Manager doing up to 1,000 miles per week . Purchased by Myself because of its capabilities as an unrivalled long distance cruiser at this price point and as a project car to develop back to factory fresh condition. Upon purchase, it was sent straight to a Phaeton Specialist for a full mechanical refurbishment all parts taken off and refurbed, including new Turbos fitted, new specialist oil installed and most importantly a fully refurbished 110,000 mile V10 TDI from a breaker Phaeton installed if you know anything about these cars mechanically, then you know how rare this car now is having been mechanically refurbished in this way the engines going in out took 80 hours on their own, so I dont need to tell you at standard labour costs how much Ive spent . COVID19 has unfortunately rendered my role redundant and so with a heavy heart I must find a new home for this incredible piece of automotive engineering. Mileage & Condition . 285,600 miles on the odometer if you appreciate the time, money and care I have invested in the mechanical refurbishment of this car then the official odometer mileage wont put you off . 100,000 miles were spent on Volkswagen UKs VIP Fleet, meaning this vehicle was maintained and serviced at the highest levels possible with no expense spared. 170,000 miles were spent as a private chauffeur car almost exclusively for Dame Shirley Bassey across Europe , meaning again the vehicle was maintained and serviced fastidiously. 15,300 miles spent as my personal car, taking me across the UK averaging 1,000 miles per week have been furloughed since April hence the mileage not going much higher . Interior Condition. Premium Sensitive Leather seats expensive option are in incredible condition considering the cars mileage, far better than ones you will find for sale with lower mileage. Aside from minor wear in places all photographed , the interior is in fantastic condition for a 15 year old car with such an extensive and interesting history behind it. Interior Project Areas. Infotainment display is beginning to suffer the usual Phaeton fault of only working sporadically the system itself and all of the cars functions work fine, its just the screen itself that is failing Project Notes options are to replace the entire centre unit with a used item from eBay circa. 300 or get the existing system repaired circa. 270 by Cartronics GB . The rear left quarter sun blind is missing photographed and because this is a rare part I have been waiting for a used example to be listed on eBay some sellers have listed full sun blind sets for sale but have been unwilling to sell only the rear quarter blind required . The previous owner used and did not replace the cars full spare wheel suffered a major puncture en route somewhere in Europe and I have been waiting for a high quality example to be listed on eBay nothing high quality enough has been listed yet . Exterior Project Areas. Various bits of bodywork need refurbishing or replacing all photographed but nothing unusual or unexpected on a car of this age including wheels . The headlight washer covers in the front bumper can fall open under heavy braking as their mechanisms have become loose they are still firmly attached to the car however I have had these looked at and the solution is to find and fit replacement headlight washer covers I had planned to do this when carrying out other work on the front of the car as the front bumper has to be removed for fitment I do not yet have the replacement parts . Other Project Areas. Tyre Pressure Monitor System TPMS has a fault which I have tried to resolve with a replacement TPMS Control Unit that did not solve the fault as a result, the car comes with 2 working TPMS Control Units 1 installed, 1 spare and the fault issue must lie somewhere within the VCDS electronic codes. Adaptive Cruise Control Radar ACCR is broken and has not yet been replaced part of the planned work on the front of the car requiring removal of the front bumper the Phaeton Specialist who has worked on the car has a spare V10 ACCR to sell or fit if required they are V10 specific parts . Any other project areas would be at the discretion of the new owner and would be purely cosmetic or mechanical upgrades of which I had plenty in mind and am happy to share upon request . Car The amount of ti

  • 286000 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 AUTOMATIC
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: AETV93893534