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  • 7690 uxga c0fa1459091da2afd69c6da41bad9c14
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This Vauxhall Viva Deluxe has spent a large proportion of its life parked in an underground car park in London which accounts for the unusually low mileage. The car has just two owners from new and the first kept the car until his death in 2012. The second custodian has also recently passed away which is why the car has come to market. The car has clearly been stored well and apart from blemishes on the paint and some crazing on the boot lid caused by a cover, the car is in exceptionally original condition. The interior has survived well with the only issue being the rear seat which has come away from the rear parcel shelf which is probably due to heat. We have checked the car over to make sure it is safe for the road and there are no issues and the car drives very well indeed. It runs cleanly and goes through the gears without issue. There are no corrosion issues and the underside of the car is very well preserved. This is a car that should give many years of good service if looked after.

The history file contains the original purchase invoice along with the original service book which has some early stamps in it. There is also the driver's instruction manual and a workshop manual. A number of invoices relating to miscellaneous service items are also in the file. The current V5 still lists the first owner and we will give a copy of this to the next custodian to provide a full history going forward.

Being an unrestored car the gaps are all correct and the doors shut with clean lines. This car is something of a rarity with such low mileage and will make a good talking point at a local show. At £4,750 the car is priced competitively for such a low mileage well preserved car.

  • 22000 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Manual
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: DIY1185423