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1988 TOYOTA LITEACE 4x4 MPV - £5,995 ono

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[UPDATE: Radiator has just been re-cored (this is a once every 10 years job to be safe) and I've just fitted a LIMITED SLIP DIFF into the back axle in place of the original non-LSD. I took it from a MasterAce Surf that was being scrapped, these are very rare LSDs, it was too good an opportunity to miss, it's exactly the same ratio diff and it works brilliantly.]

This is my fabulous very rare Toyota Liteace 4x4 MPV / Campervan. It has a 2.0 Turbo diesel engine (2C-T), 5-speed manual gearbox (rare on these), it has selectable 4x4 with low-range too. The four wheel drive can be engaged on-the-fly in high range so its brilliant fun to drive in deep snow. It is very strong indeed with manual locking hubs on the front which can be left disengaged to give good fuel economy on the motorway, but then engaged for good traction in slippery conditions, I meet up with friends annually at a festival where the campervan field is on a hill and I always end up pulling their huge 3-axle motorhome uphill off the campsite with my 4x4 Toyo at home time. (this is the best combination of these old Toyotas with manual gearbox and very strong manual locking hubs, the automatics versions have hubs which will break like glass if put under stress).

There are 7 belted seats in total. The middle seat in the back twists all around, the rear ones fold up against the side windows and of course they all fold down to make a bed.
There is a big box which hides under one of the seats which contains a luxury fat burning grill, perfect for late night burgers or a sausage breakfast, yum.

There is also a cabinet in the back that holds three storage baskets, this was made to an exact size so that it will hide away neatly behind the rear seats when Toyo is in 'luxury bus' mode or 'splendid exhibit' mode at a vintage car show. I fitted a hinged shelf above the front seats which is handy to store some clothes and the real Radio/CD Player lives up there too, while the old analogue decoy radio sits in the dash. There is built in air-con outlet up by the shelf too but it's not been charged up while I've owned it, we don't exactly have a climate for that.

I bought this in 2007, I knew it was special the moment I saw it. I got a new 2-CT engine sent from Japan as the original had cooked due to a faulty temperature gauge, I revamped the cooling system and fitted a good dash-mounted temperature gauge with a sensor direct to the rad hose so it would not get hot again unnoticed.

A few years ago I went for a trip around the France, Belgium and Netherlands so got the turbo re-conned before I went. Its a CT9 turbo unit and it helps Toyo along nicely compared to the n/a versions.

The tyres are very good, I've recently fitted a new timing belt kit & all auxiliary belts, fuel+air+oil filters and new front anti-roll bar bushes. I also recently had the old 4WD-transfers/stripes removed from the side. (seen in 2 of the pics here, these can be replaced with new transfers easily).
Toyo is almost 30 years old but it runs very sweetly indeed because its been very well looked after, I've got a collection of old receipts with parts-numbers highlighted for easier future reference.

I fitted T1Audio 4-way speakers in the front doors which are fabulous clarity, with two box speakers in the back that point outwards when you open the tailgate, handy when you're parked on the beach or sitting around a campfire. There is a Cool/hot box in the front handy for storing sausages, burgers and drinks when heading off for the weekend.

It has has power steering and is a real pleasure to drive. It will take you around the world if you're happy doing 50-60mph, it will go faster but it wasn't made for speed. The engine and gearbox are perfect. The 4x4 running gear and high/low range all works exactly as it should, there are no messy actuators to go wrong here like on the 90s 4WD versions.

Its a multi-purpose-vehicle in every sense, moves people, furniture etc, sleeps two 'cosily'...and it loves pulling newer cars out of the snow in winter!. I repaint the wheels silver around April each year, it gets a lot of attention during the summer at the classic car shows,..and my tiger loves on a warm day to lay in the back laughing at my jokes as you can see.

Bad points:
Obviously a few small bits, a scuff to the outer edge of the drivers seat could do with a new leather patch over it, cig lighter in the dash stopped working but there is one beside the driver and another in the back.

Contact me for advice on insuring this if you wish, its very cheap if you know your way through the Jap Import insurance minefield. My cover is currently £164 fully comp with a guaranteed valuation of £6000)

Thanks for looking.

[update 2017; I just wanted to add another picture showing the fabulous new intruder deterrent I've installed, if you enter my Toyo uninvited you'll now have deal with my friend Ronda!...

  • 192625 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Manual
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: DIY1002987