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1964 STUDEBAKER DAYTONA Daytona Coupe - £15,000 Price R...

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Studebaker Daytona 1964 - 259 cu in V8 - For Sale

This example of the rare and sought after Studebaker Daytona, ( sometimes called a Studebaker Lark )
It is in superb condition both mechanically and bodywork
Professionally fitted with the Classic Fuel Injection system to improve the drivability, engine power and reliability
whilst retaining the " Classic Car " look.
Everything works as it should with no smoke, rattles, noises etc. No known faults or areas likely to need attention

Description of this Studebaker

The engine for this Studebaker is the 259 cu inch V8 ( 4.2 L V8) and is very in good condition with no smoke or rattles.
( believed to have been rebuilt over last few years, but no paperwork to prove )
Starts and runs perfectly, pulls nicely
Originally these were around 180 BHP with oodles of torque.
With the power boost given by the Classic Fuel Injection system I would estimate it is now around 200 BHP

This car has been professionally updated with the Classic Fuel Injection System.
Benefits of this system include

  • Easier Starting
  • Automatic Cold Start Control ( no need to mess around with the choke )
  • Automatic Idle Speed Control
  • Fully ECU control of Fuel system
  • Fully ECU control of ignition system

Improved starting, drivability, performance and fuel economy.
Makes the car much more responsive and drives more like a modern car.

Although it has been converted it has been done so in such a way so as to retain the " Classic Car " look
with out making the conversion non reversible
Could easily be converted back to standard by the new owner in about 1/2 day if they so wished.
Cost to carry out this conversion on another car would be around £1600 in parts alone, but well worth doing.

3 speed automatic. ( Borg Warner )
Professionally converted with the "Police" modification so that it now pulls away in 1st gear.
Previously these would pull away in 2nd unless you were climbing the side of a mountain.
Now under normal driving it pulls away in 1st and fairly quickly changes to 2nd
If you bury your right foot then it holds 1st gear until around 3000 rpm before changing for maximum performance.
Probably would cost around £1000 to have this modification carried out on another car
No problems or leaks and all works as it should

Axle / Differential
All works as it should
No problems, noises or leaks

All works as it should with no concerns.

Factory fitted power steering
All works as it should with no concerns.

Factory fitted power brakes
Stops car in a predictable manner with no pulling or binding.
This car has been converted to front disc brakes by the previous owner.
Again not a cheap modification, probably would cost around £500 to do on another car.

Stainless steel aftermarket version with a great V8 sound.
Good overall condition, many years life left

Everything present and working.
Appears to have been retrimmed in the recent past

Electrical system in very good condition.
All gauges and switch gear work as they should

Body and Paint
Superb condition with no signs of corrosion anywhere.
This car came from a very dry area and the previous owner spent thousands having it professionally rebuilt.
Couple of small dings, could be fairly easily pushed out or left as it is.
Very good paint all round.
There are a couple of small scratches and marks but nothing to give any concern.
It really is as good as it looks in the photos

The instruments indicate 4,600 so I assume this means 104,600 miles.
Either way this car has not covered many miles since it underwent a complete rebuild so it is almost as new.

Overall Description
This Studebaker Daytona is as good as it looks with no known areas of concern.
No corrosion anywhere. ( a benefit of coming from a dry state )
Everything works as it should and it drives beautifully
Ideal for both the long term owner and enthusiast or somebody looking for an investment.
These Studebaker Daytona Coupe are a rare vehicle, even in the USA.
This may be the only one of these in the UK or if not certainly one of a very few
The previous owner in the USA spent thousands of dollars with a professional rebuild and refurbishment

Car Tax, MOT V5 and Insurance
Being 1964 it benefits from free Historic Car Tax
Current MOT until 05 May 2018
Car is UK registered and V5 is present and in my name
Most drivers will be able to insure this on a classic policy for around £150 per year

My History with the Car
Purchased last June from a UK Studebaker fan who himself imported this car from the Los Angeles area of the USA.
I have only carried out a few small jobs and routine servicing and had the Classic Fuel Injection System fitted.
Otherwise it is as I bought it

  • 4687 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Automatic
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 LHD
  • RefCode: DIY1078073