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1904 STAR TWIN CYLINDER - £175,000

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1904 Star Twin Cylinder Victoria.

Registration number: 676XUY
VCC Dating Certificate no 188

A regular London to Brighton runner. This little start has the 7hp twin cylinder engine which makes it go really rather well. It has been successfully campaigned in a number of events by the current owner who feels the need to now pass it on as he approaches his 90th year.

The car has been lovingly & competently maintained to ensure it starts perfectly off the handle. Starting procedure is very simple; to wit:
Turn on fuel Tap, tickle Carb, pull engine through two suction strokes, put magneto switch on & then give a mere nudge to the starting handle & it fires right up every time.

A bottle of Neetsfoot oil & a simple brush comes with the car as the owner advises dressing the clutch prior to use each time as it makes the take up on the clutch far less abrupt & allows one to pull away displaying a modicum of mechanical sympathy. (Neetsfoot being made from the foot & shin of a cow, but not the hoof, for those of you not in the know.)

The car is a three speed machine with reverse. The gears are sequential in line. Brakes are reasonably efficacious by the standards of the day, but please use the hand brake as the primary brake with the foot pedal being used as a secondary device.

Being a twin the little car trots down the road with alacrity dispatching hills with alacrity & never short of go on the straights. Having nursed several single cylinder machines down to Brighton, I am quite looking forwards to this years run should we not have sold the car first. A good test is the fact that the little car was able to run up the steepish ramp & into our showrooms upper floor for photography.

The body is a very early Victoria hooded 2 seat affair; quite comfortable to sit in. The owner, no stranger to a spanner has done a superb job of looking after & conserving the car along with an assortment of other early machines lurking in his motor shed. The red leather is in fine order as is the green coach painted body. New steam bent ash hood hoops have recently been fabricated & fitted. The car is festooned with the usual brass hardware & delightful period black enameled Powell & Hanmerl lamps. The front Gill type radiator is also in good fettle.

The car comes with a 2014 London To Brighton Entry. We can deliver it to the start line & have it ready to start & go on Sunday 2nd November. We would say a turn key operation, but it has no key.

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  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: CCFS264698