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1967 LOLA T70 - $POA

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Magnificent 1967 Lola T70 Mk3, chassis SL73/109, for sale. SL73/109 was delivered new as a Mk3 spider to John Mecom, the US Lola importer, on the 21st March 1967 and then passed to Carl Haas, who was in the process of taking over as the US Lola agent. Delivered in plain white and fitted with a Bartz Chevrolet V8, it was sold to Moises Solana of Mexico. Entered by the Aztec Racing Team, Moises raced the car in the 67 USRRC and also in Mexican track, road racing and hill climb events over the next two years before letting his brother, Hermann take over the car when Moises switched to a new McLaren M6B. In 1969 SL73/109 was sold to Spurlock Taylor of Panama, Central America who raced the car for some time and won the Panamanian GP in 1970. It was later donated to the Indianapolis Museum where it resided for some years before being sold on.SL73/109 was then owned by Jeff Stevens in the mid-70s who did some minor club events with the car thereby crumpling its nose. Chuck Haines bought the car from Jeff complete and with a Bartz Chevrolet V8, repaired the nose, and sold it on to Fernando Stirling of Mexico who in turn sold the car to Roly Nix in England for historic racing. Unfortunately, the car was badly damaged when it fell off its trailer on the way to an event. The damaged car was rebuilt on a new tub with Mk3 coupe bodywork (blue with a central white stripe), then did a couple of races and was put up for sale.In 1993 it was sold to Richard Dodkins (UK), who did several years of European historic racing with the car until selling in 1999 to Miguel Amaral of Portugal, who spared no expense to maintain the car at a very high standard and has campaigned it successfully for many years on the historic racing scene until a few years ago.As can be seen from the above, SL73/109 has continuous, solid history from new and benefits from a 2013 FIA HTP.The car is in very good and race-ready condition throughout carrying a 5 liter small block Chevy Lucas injected engine of 550 bhp, (built by Tim Adams in 2014), with only 3 race hours under its belt. The LG-600 5-speed gearbox has been completely overhauled with all new gears, dogs and bearings. Two fire systems are current, crack testing per Appendix K is done and the fuel cell is new. Spares consist of a spare radiator, oil coolers, rear suspension arms, drive shaft CV joints, windscreen, and a host of miscellaneous items. Car has six wheels for Masters, 3 fronts 3 rears, all with Avons. The car also has 4 wheels for Peter Auto, 2 fronts 2 rears with new Avons uninstalled.This impressive, long-term ownership Lola T70 Mk3 is eligible for all historic race events around the world including LeMans Classic. E-Mail or telephone for more information.1967 Lola t-70 SL/73 1091967-04-23 Aztec Racing Team Mexico, Las Vegas GP, USRRC, M.Solana, #99 5th1967-04-30 Riverside GP, USRRC, M.Solana, #99, 8th1967-12-04 Mexico City Puebla Road Race, M.Solana, #99,1st1967-12-11 Cuernavaca, Mexico, M.Solana, #99, 1st1968-02-25 Pachuca-Chico Hillclimb, Mexico, M.Solana, #99, 1st1968-03-31 Mexico City USRRC, H.Solana, #2, Rtd 27 Laps, Suspension1970 Tiger Racing Team Panama, Panamanian Grand Prix, S. Taylor, 1st1995-05-21 Donington, R. Dodkins, #23,1995-06-11 Nurburgring, R. Dodkins, #23, 4th1995-07-02 Brands Hatch, R. Dodkins, #231995-07-15 Oulton Park, R. Dodkins, #231995-08-13 Nurburgring, W. Steding, #23, 10th 1995-08-20 Zandvoort, R. Waaijenberg, #23, 9th1995-10-01 Brno, W. Steding, #23, 11th1996-04-28 Monza, W. Steding, #23 1996-05-12 Spa, W. Steding, #23,1st Gp B1996-06-23 Nurburgring, R. Dodkins, #23, 3rd Gp B1996-07-21 Road America, R. Dodkins, #23, 13th1996-09-01 Donington, R. Dodkins, #23 1st Gp B1996-09-xx Road America, R. Dodkins, #23, 1st Gp B1996-09-29 Brno, W. Steding, #231997-05-05 Silverstone, R. Dodkins, #231997-06-01 Donington, R. Dodkins, #231997-08-03 Zandvoort, R. Dodkins, #23, B 7th1997-08-10 Nurburgring, R. Dodkins,#231997-09-14 Brno, W Steding, #23, B 6th1998-05-17 Monza, R Hyett, #23, 1st Gp B, 4th1998-05-24 Spa, R Hyett, #23,1998-05-24 Most, R Hyett, #23, 1st Gp B 9th1998-07-19 Donington, R Hyett, #231998-08-09 Nurburgring, R Hyett, #23, 1st Gp B2002- April, June Tests at Estoril2005-07-10 Circuito da Boavista, Oporto, Amaral, #301, 1st2008-11-08 Circuito Automóvel do Algarve, Amaral, #320, 1st2009-07-12 G.P. Históricos do Porto (Boavista Circuit), Amaral, #355, 1st2011-06-18 G.P. Históricos do Porto (Boavista Circuit), Amaral, #3012013- May, Sept, October Tests at Estoril, Jerez.

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