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1973 HILLMAN AVENGER - £19,995

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As an accompanying Heritage Certificate confirms, this stunning condition Tiger Mk2 dates from 1972 and comes in the classic Sundance Yellow and matt black colour scheme.

Between 2009 and 2011 the car was treated to a total nut-and-bolt restoration which is fully documented by a file full of bills and photographs. In sound condition at the outset, the car remains original in terms of its chassis and bodywork with the original inner wings still date stamped and intact. Mechanically it has been somewhat upgraded but using parts that were available in period.

The engine was built around a genuine new old stock factory 1600 block to Group N specification with Skip Brown polished con rods, +30 flat top pistons and an MSM fast road cam. Other upgrades include a factory competition 4036 head, Aldon distributor, Skip Brown competition manifolds, Ashley exhaust and rebuilt Weber 70/71 carbs. A brand new quick shift 5-speed competition gearbox with a Skip Brown alloy bellhousing has also been fitted. Other features include uprated brakes and suspension, competition steering rack and limited slip differential. Inside the car benefits from a Springalex steering wheel, Butlers map light and high back sports seats.

Since the restoration was completed the car has only covered some 2,400 miles (the odometer being re-set to zero) while the Skip Brown engine has only done some 600 miles.

The car comes with a large history file from new including various original sales brochures, handbooks and servicing literature. In outstanding condition throughout, this exceptionally rare car (it is belived only about 40 survive) is far more exclusive than a comparable Ford Escort RS or Mexico.

More about the Hillman Avenger Tiger

Hillman Avenger Tiger MK 1
The Hillman Avenger was a rear wheel drive family car that was released in 1970, wishing to build on the success of the new model and generate increased publicity to the groups competition department a high performance edition of the Avenger was planned step in the Avenger Tiger.

Ford had recently introduced one of its performance models the Mk 1 Escort Mexico.
Development of the Tiger was headed up by Des ODell the then head of Chryslers competition department at their competitions centre. The car was based on the four door Avenger Super, the edition was only made available in Sundance Yellow paintwork (officially Orange) that was complemented by a black bonnet complete with power-bulge and prominent black side stripes down the length of the vehicle. The exterior package was finished off with chrome quarter bumpers, Minilite alloy wheels, a colour coded rear spoiler and four Lucas sourced fog / driving lights. Avenger Tiger lettering was added to the rear quarter panels.

Mechanically the Tiger was very similar to the 1500GT, the Tiger retained the Avengers traditional front engine rear wheel drive setup, power being fed to the rear wheels through a four speed manual gearbox. Steering was taken care of through a non-power assisted manual rack and pinion configuration that took 3.7 turns lock to lock. The suspension was left unchanged with an independent front suspension with heavy duty Amrstrong Struts with 100lb 1 front springs with an anti roll bar. Unlike its competitors the car did not utilise a rear leaf spring suspension setup instead engineers opted to use a four link rear suspension system with a live sprung rear axle, utilising Armstrong sourced adjustable damper with up-rated springs. Braking was taken care of through servo assisted solid front discs and rear drums.

The cars were not manufactured alongside the standard avengers but instead were manufactured at the competitions department, the car was initially manufactured in a batch of 100 cars, such was the popularity that a second batch of 100 vehicles was produced.

The Avenger Tiger was capable of achieving the 0-60 mph spring in just 8.9 seconds and could achieve a top speed of 108 Mph more than a match for its similarly priced rivals on sale at the time. The car was launched in March 1972 and remained in production until October 1972 when the Tiger Mk 1 was replaced with the Tiger Mk II.

Hillman Avenger Tiger Mk 2
The Mk II version of the car was a productionised version of the MK 1, the car retained the same mechanicals and engine but was subject to minor modifications. The Mk 2 was fitted with four round headlights, replacing the dual square headlights on the MK1 and was provided a significant visual and lighting improvement. The interior was slightly modified with a fully equipped dashboard with round instruments replacing the strip style speedometer.

Exterior modification included the deletion of the bespoke bonnet that incorporated a bonnet bulge, instead this was replaced with a standard bonnet that was finished in matt black. The Minilite alloy wheels were replaced with Exacton Alloy wheels, the car was now available in both Sundance Yellow and War dance red. The Tiger was no longer fitted with four driving lamps. The Mk 2 did not enjoy a long life, introduced in October 1972 and was phased out in late 1973.

The car was achieved moderate success on the racing circuit and today values are quickly appreciating, unfortunately it is estimated that there are less than 40 examples remaining today due to the low volumes that the Tiger was produced and the high volumes of cars that entered the racing scene.

  • 2400 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Manual
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: TA1092537

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