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1939 HILLMAN 14 SALOON - £9,000 Offers ...

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Pritpal was reading the Daily Mail one day and noticed a car that he has been fond of since being a child. Back in India, his father owned one similar to this and like most classic car enthusiasts, grasped at the prospect to relive his youth in some respects.

His wife and himself embarked on a trip to Dorset to review the example further. With one previous owner, Pritpal believed this was too good of an opportunity not to take up. He has proudly owned the vehicle for twelve years and has been a member of the Hillman Owners Club. He believes the time is right to find a new owner.

Please review all the photos on our website we have taken from the outside of the Hillman which details all body panels. We have provided an exterior video also, due to technical reasons, it is quite shaky in which we apologise for. The exterior is finished with black and cream paint, a beautiful contrast in colours.

Wheels & Tyres
The car looks to have the original set of colour matching wheels. Please review the media to judge the condition of the tyres.

The overall structure appears to be in good condition.

Please review the photos to judge the overall condition of the paint for yourself.

Glass and Trim
The glass and trim should also be reviewed. The chrome work appears to be in good condition separate from the windscreen area where the trim and chrome should be remedied.

Pritpal commissioned restoration work on the upholstery, with cream leather and black piping, by specialists. The Fourteen looks stunning with the colour-matching exterior. There are also some really nice original features that can be seen in the photos. The stabilisation of the interior video is much improved from the exterior review.

Seats and Carpets
The seats are in excellent condition, they also retain what looks to be the three original swivel ashtrays. The headlining appears to be in poor condition and should be reviewed.

The dashboard looks to have been restored at some point in the past, retaining some original features such as the gauges.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel looks to be original along with the gear stick, adding to the desirability of this example.

This car was seen as an economical choice in the 1930s. Hillman claimed an incredible miles-per-gallon record back in the 30s, but we are pretty sure the car will not achieve that in this day and age. The car comes with a 4-cylinder, 2.3L engine that proved to be more efficient than most cars of the time, that we can say for sure. The Hillman 14 was also equipped with an automatic choke mechanism as well as being able to comfortably carry five passengers at once due to its efficiency.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold (see the On the Road video). The engine settled into a smooth tick over and we were able to drive around Pritpals local area of Slough. The gearbox is a 4-speed manual that has no unwanted noise when changing. Before his ownership, there was an engine rebuild and gearbox overhaul.

Suspension and Brakes
Please see the video as you hear the car run smoothly. The brakes possess no unwanted noise and function well on the road.

The Drive
The car really drives great considering the age. You hear an expected rattle from the frame and body panels of the car.

Electrics and Other
There are hardly any electrics on the car however, upon our visit, the systems work accordingly.


Prior to Pritpals ownership, there has only been one other former keeper who had the Hillman from new in 1939. The car has a good history that also contains the former owners original registration documents and MOT certificates.

Please see below all images we documented on our visit and also a list of MOT history the car has from 1978 to 2007. There are some anomalies due to the change in a speedometer.

MOT History

24.01.2007 30,582 (MOT)
27.01.2006 30,334 (MOT)
23.08.2004 29,924 (MOT)
22.07.2003 29,581 (MOT)
25.07.2002 40,249 (MOT)
02.08.2001 39,631 (MOT)
05,07,2000 39,390 (MOT)
06.07.1999 39,079 (MOT)
02.06.1998 38,245 (MOT)
21.06.1997 36,923 (MOT)
28.05.1996 34,230 (MOT)
22.05.1995 31,227 (MOT)
12.05.1994 28,089 (MOT)
26.05.1993 26,855 (MOT)
28.05.1992 28,966 (MOT)
30.05.1990 25,906 (MOT)
27.02.1989 15,947 (MOT)
22.02.1988 9,449 (MOT)
27.02.1987 3,733 (MOT)
24.02.1986 17,987 (MOT)
05.03.1985 11,679 (MOT)
06.03.1984 7,488 (MOT)
08.03.1983 4,386 (MOT)
13.03.1982 1,181 (MOT)
10.03.1981 21,721 (MOT)
01.03.1980 4,949 (MOT)
17.03.1979 20,231 (MOT) Speedo changed at 21,607m
04.03.1978 13,716 (MOT)

HPi Check Results
HPi clear available on request.

  • 30000 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Manual
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: TA1184312