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1968 FERRARI F355 - £47,700 offers ...

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Vehicle Sold - eBay Classified

**** UPDATE - Deposit Taken ****

We have taken a deposit for this vehicle - we expect the sale to complete in the next few days.

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We have consigned this well looked after 1998 Ferrari F355 which is for sale at the price of £47,700

If you're interested in the car then please get in touch with us directly to negotiate a deal before the car goes to auction.

You can visit the link below to see over 300 images and videos of this special car and also watch an interview with the owner:

Henrik is a petrol head and we dont say that lightly, he has an undisclosed amount of cars from all different eras and makers. Henrik bought this particular car around five years ago, however he has done very few miles given all the other cars he owns. Henrik is a shy guy though and we couldnt persuade him to appear on camera however, as we know him personally here at Trade Classics we specially agreed to give him a pass from our videos. Henrik is available to talk to directly and will make time to show you the car personally, if you do decide you want to see it.

Henrik took Jacob out to film our usual On the Road video (see below) and it performed faultlessly. Jacob enjoyed being chauffeured around London in this super special car.

This is a poster car for Henrik when growing up and hes always wanted to own one. He made that dream a reality and bought a really lovely and original example. The only reason Henrik is selling now is due to moving out to Spain later this year, and there is no room for all his collection, so unfortunately he has to sell the car.

Theres no doubt about it, this car looks stunning and is a real credit to the proper level of care and maintenance over the years. Please make sure you take a look at all the images and videos in this listing you wont be disappointed in the quality of this gorgeous car.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with excellent condition alloys and wrapped in a set of 225/40/18 (front) and 265/40/18 (rear) tyres theres a small mark on the NSR alloy, so please take a look at the images and videos to see the full condition.

As you would expect, the car looks excellent in terms of both rust and rot upon our usual visual inspection we didnt see any signs of either. Please check out the images and videos to see the detailed condition of each body panel. The rear grill has been replaced to the challenger grill this is a usual and subtle upgrade and we understand is the only difference from factory specification.

The red paint is absolutely stunning and in excellent condition its even across the panels and we didnt notice any colour differences. There are a few small marks to note that youll see in the videos / images just a small mark on the OSR sill, mark on the OSF wing and NS wing mirror all have been pointed out in the videos. The nose has been professionally resprayed in the past to remedy the usual stone chips that these cars are prone to.

Glass and Trim
Both are in excellent condition across the car there is some very slight delamination on the corners of the front screen. This is usual and in line with the age of the screen.

The interior is original and in lovely condition. Please take a moment to view the interior video to see the full condition.

Seats and Carpets
Both the seats and carpets are in original condition the wear on the seats and bolsters are in line with the age of the car. There were no rips or issues noticed during our inspection.

The gauges and interior are in good original condition Ferrari and actually other makes / models of the same era suffered from soft plastic coating issues. Over time / usage this coating degrades you can see evidence of this in the images / videos. This is usual and shows the original condition of the interior.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in good condition with no issues noticed.

As mentioned, Henrik took Jacob out for a short drive on some London roads and the car performed without issue.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold (see the cold start video). The engine soon settled into a smooth tick over. Please see the paperwork in the images and youll see the cambelt was changed only a few months ago. This car is ready to be used and enjoyed.

Suspension and Brakes
There were no knocks or rattles on the drive out. Please watch the video to see the car accelerating, steering and stopping. It preformed just as youd expect it to.

The Drive
The car really drives great and there were no issues detected on the drive.

Electrics and Other
There are very few electrics on the car, however, Henrik informs us the basics all work as they should. There is also a tracker fitted to the car for insurance purposes and could be transferred to the new owner.

The car was originally sold in Italy and then imported into the UK in 2000 with 18,040 KM recorded (11,209 miles) the speedometer was officially changed to MPH and has done 9,959 miles since. So this totals 21,168 miles in total.

Please see the images below to review all the paperwork that comes with the car, including the service history.

Service Summary:
18-03-99 5,807 KM
10-08-99 12,851 KM
10-07-00 16.410 KM

07-09-00 288 Miles
06-10-03 6,154 Miles (+ Cambelts)
20-04-07 7,835 Miles (+ Cambelts)
16-11-11 8,494 Miles (+ Cambelts)
08-09-15 9,244 Miles (+ Cambelts)
13.02.19 9,900 Miles (+ Cambelts)

HPi Check Results
HPi clear a new HPi check will be actioned and supplied by us.


Visit the link below to see over 300 images and videos of this special car and also watch an interview with the owner.

  • 21168 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Automatic
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 LHD
  • RefCode: TA1172908

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