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1930 DELAGE D8 FIGONI - €425,000

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Delage D8 Figoni For sale, Series C. 110 hp, 4.060 cc, inline eight-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, solid front axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 3,300 mm. Highly attractive cabriolet coachwork Outstanding restoration by J.L. Bonnefoy Delage's famous first-series D8 The D8 was Louis Delage's ultimate statement of the luxury, sophistication, and refinement that defined the marque that bore his name. Racing cars bearing the Delage name were amongst the most successful in Europe. They were innovative and streamlined, and they challenged the best from Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Sunbeam, and Maserati. The D8 would bring Delage's standing amongst road automobile builders into line with its vaunted reputation in racing and its expensive victory in the 1927 European World Championship with the jewel-like 1,500-cubic centimetre, dual overhead-camshaft, eight-cylinder Grand Prix racing car. The Delage D8 was designed by Maurice Gaultier, who had come to Delage in 1910 to run the drivetrain department and then left to work for Georges Irat, but he returned in 1925 as the chief engineer. Its four-litre, pushrod overhead-valve straight-eight with five main bearings made 105 brake horsepower and was possessed with a smoothness and silence that put it in Hispano territory. The D8 made its debut at the October 1929 Paris Salon, and its reception was ecstatic. It was a car designed for and intended to be the ideal basis for bespoke coachwork, and D8s became very popular on the European concours circuit, bearing bodies from all the renowned coachbuilders. Delage proudly boasted: 'At the Concours d'Elegance held during 1930 in the principal cities of Europe, Delage Straight Eights received more awards than any other car'. It was, to quote another company mantra, 'La Belle Voiture Franaise', the beautiful French automobile. Chassis 33783 is a Series C example, which denotes its wheelbase of 3,300 millimetres. Although no production records for Delage exist, the Figoni archive indicates that chassis 33783 was delivered on 20 October 1930 to J. Smith & Co. Ltd, the concessionaire for Delage in Great Britain. The Figoni records further indicate that this chassis wore body number 994, a four-place faux cabriolet, which came at a cost of 25,500 francs. Several historians have been consulted regarding the attribution of the present coachwork to Figoni and the discrepancy between the faux cabriolet body style noted in the production record and the cabriolet coachwork exhibited today. At the very least, the discrepancy could be accounted for by an extensive restyling of the body to modern tastes at some point in the 1930s, which was commonplace at the time and is not out of the question in this case. The Delage then reappeared, as referenced by the Delage Section of the VSCC in 1974, which noted a 'P. Heath' in 'Southern France or Spain' as the owner, although no further reference is available. By the early 1990s, the Delage was owned by Gerard Sambucchi, of Nice, France, and it was registered as 1930 XV 06. In 2002, it was registered under the number 924 PDN 75, which it still wears. By 2002, the Delage was owned by Jacques LaFond, who commissioned J.L. Bonnefoy in Orval, France, to restore the car from 2004 to 2006. The chassis and drivetrain were rebuilt, and the wooden structure was completely refurbished. The sale of this beautiful Delage also includes a restoration photo file, which shows some original wood in the cowl and the rear of the body. The result of Bonnefoy's restoration work is unquestionably extremely attractive, with the car exhibiting a grey-green body, black wings, and a contrasting brown leather interior. The end result of its evolution is an elegant, understated cabriolet, and with a rear-mounted spare tyre to complete its presentation, it is undeniably well-suited to continental touring and concours. It will certainly be admired wherever it is viewed. This fantastic Delage D8 is standing in our showroom and we look forward hearing from you when you are interested in this Master Piece. For more information please contact our sales team, by or 0031-416-342474. Lex Classics is active in the international classic car business since 1998 and we are specialist in trading English sport cars and exclusive classic cars. We have our own workshop with 4 specialist mechanics where we prepare and maintain classic cars. We sell all our classic cars with a detailed information file, with as much historical information as available. Lex Classics is located in the south of the Netherlands, 1 hour from Amsterdam, 1,5 hours from Brussels and 1,5 hours from Dusseldorf. You are very welcome to visit us. If you need more information, detailed pictures or you would like to make an appointment, please contact our sales team by mail or by phone 0031-416-342474. This Classic car is easy to register in every European country. We can also deliver classic cars with German Registration (H-Kenzeigen). Within Europe there are no import taxes. We can also help you with transport. Email to a Friend Contact us about this model Are you looking for a Delage Exploded car? We would love to keep you up-to-date. Just send us your e-mailadres and we will contact you whenever cars of this brand come in. Contact us We buy your Delage Exploded car! Do you have a Delage Exploded car and would like to sell it? 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  • 2541 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 Manual
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 LHD
  • RefCode: TA1101999

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