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1993 HONDA NR750 RC40 - £89,995

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If you are reading this, then you likely already know all about the Honda NR, but indulge us as we are very pleased to have one of these amazing machines to offer to the market

Often thought of as the ultimate superbike, the Honda NR still holds an iconic place in the minds of many motorcycle enthusiasts. Despite not being the fastest or the best it is the high technology that it boasts that make it so special and also that only about 700 were built in total.

The NR has so many clever features but its the engine that is the headline maker. The V4 uses oval pistons, eight valves per cylinder and a very sophisticated fuel injection system. The 125bhp output achieved by the road bike was a high output at the time achieved by all this technology the race bike version achieved approximately 160bhp.
As amazing as the engine technology is, it certainly didnt end there with the NR. It uses a fabulous alloy chassis and employs the best suspension money could buy including Hondas single sided swing arm developed with endurance racing in mind. The bodywork cost more than the total price of any other mass produced bike of the time and employed a mix of carbon fibre and fibreglass the achieve the breath taking looks. Even the windscreen was titanium coated.

Our bike is a full power road version NR (or RC40) and was delivered new in 1993 to Switzerland where it was registered to the owner of a motorcycle dealership, it was then displayed like the work of art it still is today.

It finally came time to part with the machine in 2008 and it made its way at this time to the south of France where it has lived since. It has now covered just 1,680 miles and is presented in truly immaculate condition. It is complete with its track stand, owners handbook and full tool kit and is ready to grace any discerning collectors stable should it be for display or (hopefully) also for riding.

Any inspection is welcomed and encouraged, why not watch the video we have linked on our website to see what MCN thought when they had the opportunity to ride an NR!

  • 1700 Miles
  • RefCode: TA1093282