Classic Car Services Data Checks


AutoCheck has been protecting people from buying vehicles with dodgy backgrounds since 2006. We check thousands of cars and bikes a year, warning potential buyers about vehicles that have been clocked, written off after accidents, stolen or that still had outstanding finance. 

HPI Check

As well as confirming whether a vehicle has outstanding car finance, is recorded as stolen, clocked or has previously been written-off, HPI's used car check also confirms many other details, including the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size. 

Oakland Owners Club International

The goal of the Oakland Owners Club International, Inc. is to focus only on Oaklands, a brand of automobile starting in 1907 as an independent brand, and later joining General Motors in 1909. Oakland Motor Division later became Pontiac Motor Division in 1932. The last Oakland was made in 1931. OOCIs mission is to support the care of and/or restoration of all Oakland Automobiles. Additionally to provide information for restoration, parts availability, and a venue for showing and driving all Oakland Automobiles. OOCI is not associated with any other organization and is a fully independent automobile club.


With an RAC Car Data Check you get an instant on-screen report answering these vital questions about your chosen car. Is the car stolen? Is the car an insurance write-off? Is there outstanding finance on the car? Has the car had previous plates?

The AA

Protect yourself with a report which is insured up to £30,000. Check if a car has outstanding loans left to pay,has ever been written off, has had changes registered by the DVLA, has been reported as stolen or has an accurate valuation.