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One of just 1,391 built with only a handful remainingThe top of the line Chrysler Station Wagon, power everythingFitted with the legendary 392 Hemi, 325BHP engineTruly the ultimate grocery-getter and mile muncherChrysler always has been a true marque of distinction, one of the big Detroit Three, its products have always been famed for their innovation and performance. This image however was on a downward slope in the early 1950s, it's designs had become old, largely due to a design thesis that their cars be designed with enough headroom for the driver to wear a hat without obstruction. It was time for Chrysler to escape from the past and look to the future, and look to the future they did.With innovative young designer Virgil Exner at the helm, Chrysler launched their "Forward Look" design program, bringing Chrysler way ahead of the competition. At an enormous cost of an estimated $300 million in 1957, equivalent to an astronomical $3 billion today, there was a lot riding on the new styling, backed by exciting advertising, with slogan's such as "Suddenly, it's 1960!", and "Longer, Leaner, Lower!" It truly gave Chrysler a new lease of life with their big yet carefully integrated tailfins, lower rooflines, and these improvements weren't merely skin deep. 1957 was the fist year of introduction for the "Torsion-Aire Ride" suspension, far more advanced than the competition. Beneath the enormous bonnet lay an equally enormous engine, the 392 Cubic-inch Chrysler Hemi engine, producing a still impressive 325BHP and pushing the New Yorker to a top speed of 120MPH and 0-60 in 8.8 seconds. Rival Station Wagon's couldn't come close, almost an Audi RS6 Avant of its day, almost.It's on the subject of wagon's that we proudly present to you this stunning 1957 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country Station Wagon, one of just 1,391 cars built, with only a handful remaining and even fewer in such condition. A highly equipped car, the Town & Country was one of the most expensive cars sold by Chrysler at the time, priced only slightly below the Convertible and the legendary 300C. Unsurprisingly, it was ordered with very few boxes left unticked including power brakes, power windows, four-way power front seat, a Music Master AM Radio, whitewall tyres and most importantly of all, air-conditioning which cost an eye-watering $495 on a car with a base price of $4,746.Presented in a very elegant and very Fifties Desert Beige with a Copper Brown Metallic roof and side areas, over a believed to be original Cream and Black interior with beautiful Glittered Fleck Cloth inserts. The car presents brilliantly, having been the subject of an older restoration with clear particular attention paid to the engine bay which still gleams. It's an absolute icon of 50s Americana that needs to be seen to be believed, not only due to its jet age looks, sitting proudly on its Dayton Wire Wheels, but also due to its extreme rarity, having been produced in low numbers to start with and with tantalisingly few cars remaining, this powerful Hemi Wagon is a unique opportunity and not one to be missed!Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call 0208 878 3355 for more information.Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information but errors may occur. Please check with a salesperson

  • 94000 Miles
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 MANUAL
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • RefCode: AETV49205861

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Aetv56289138 1Sponsored Ad
  • 6665
  • Transmission 69197354786223e29b85070a0695cc247a4c2b215c743673c2d02e864b4cd687 MANUAL
  • Steering ca68a9643bbb915d30839040f432af59e679db8cf98e23a4378cbef2ed805059 RHD
  • Refcode: AETV56289138
SpecificationsBodyworkLength: cm (in): 543Width: cm (in): 198Height: cm (in): 172Wheelbase...
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The latest classic Chrysler New Yorker cars for sale