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8th Dec 2018 - RM Sotheby's - The Petersen Automotive Museum Auction

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For the past five years, the RM Sotheby's Group has hosted its Southern California event in Santa Monica under the RM Auctions and former Auctions America banner. Moving to the Petersen in LA proper for 2018, the caliber of the event will be akin to RM Sotheby's groundbreaking New York collector car auctions, held biennially at Sotheby's global headquarters in Manhattan. The Los Angeles sale will feature approximately 50–60 blue-chip automobiles, hand-selected by RM Sotheby’s global team of 30 Car Specialists.

Southern California is a hotbed for car culture in the United States, and Los Angeles captures not only diverse collecting tastes, but also all the hobby has to offer, from ocean-view driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, to carving through the technical courses provided by local canyons. Coupled with the amenities of a world-class international city, RM Sotheby's Los Angeles auction will certainly provide a destination weekend for bidders from around the world.

The Petersen, one of the world's premier automotive museums housing hundreds of rare and collectible cars, is the perfect backdrop for this sale, focusing on some of the hobby's most sought-after automobiles. Since its inception in 1994, the Petersen Automotive Museum has played host to exhibits that have captured the attention of the automotive world. 

Additional information and early entries for the Los Angeles auction will be available in the coming weeks. To speak with an RM Sotheby's Car Specialist about entering your important motor car in the Los Angeles auction, please call +1 519 352 4575.

Sorry, no listings have yet been announced for this auction