Arghh Snoowww!

Arghh Snoowww!

Im not sure what it is about the people of England but for some reason a large proportion of the country turns into a big girls blouse every time the white stuff appears. My Scottish friends find this hilarious and although I can still get one over them with statistics about liver disease, whenever it starts snowing ‘down South I know Im in for some heavy mocking.

Yesterday morning I awoke to find my beloved Mini covered in about a foot of snow and having strongly considered clearing the driveway I decided it would be more prudent to go back to bed. I was rudely awoken about an hour later by my neighbour (whom it should be noted owns a 4x4 Toyota Rav 4) who was desperate for his early morning cuppa but had run out of tea. Id already told him Id be heading down to the local supermarket as he ‘didnt want to risk going out himself! A Rav 4 may not be the hardiest 4x4 in the world however you would hope in snowy conditions it could make it down to the local M&S. According to my neighbour however the stability and ride quality is not dissimilar to your average taxi journey.

I am always impressed by how well my old Mini can handle the snow. The short wheelbase and small wheels give great grip and the turning circle on a Mini combined with the low weight means it is far more forgiving than many more modern cars are in these conditions. When driving through snow I think it is a great advantage to NOT have power steering as you instantly know if the wheels are starting to slip when taking a corner.

All this is reasonably irrelevant though as in snow the car is no way as important as the driver. And English drivers seem to be incapable of following the following major rule when driving in snow. Dont be a stupid idiot!

I had originally thought about writing a ‘basic tips article but then decided that the audience that reads this newsletter would find this highly patronising. In my experience people who drive classic cars are usually pretty sensible drivers.

So I am now going to use this opportunity to make my top 5 list of things that annoy me about driving when its snowed.

5.Teenagers who wheel spin in car parks creating ice patches for other motorists to skid upon. The Police have the right idea, they should be ‘kettled and banished - preferably along with their Citroen Saxos.

4.People who dont slow down on roundabouts and then seem to be surprised when their car slides into the verge. This manoeuvre is usually conducted in BMW 3 series by some pushy estate agent who remains ‘in denial that house prices are not going up.

3.Drivers who try to ‘nip out quickly in front of you unaware that ‘snow shares many similarities with ‘ice which does contain slippery properties making it more difficult for the driver behind to complete an emergency stop.

2.People who see me get out of my Mini and then sympathetically say, ‘So it started ok then? Yes it did and I will use it to complete donuts on your garden. Also the heater works fine and Im only wearing 5 jumpers because I think I look good!

1.Friends who think its funny to write in the snow on my roof ‘Designed by a Greek with a degree in economics. This is not only factually incorrect but I should also point out for Michaels benefit, not funny in any way.

Now Ive got all that off my chest I feel much better. In other snow related news I have done a quick call round to see if there are any updates on the many auctions taking place over the next few days. At the time of writing this all are still planning on going ahead but I would advise if you are planning on travelling to an auction over the next few days to call them up first and check all is going ahead as planned.

Have a good week and if you have been affected by the snow I would highly recommend building a snowman. Ive found it therapeutic.

Phil Cooper

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