Celebrate 150mph

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Celebrate 150mph
Celebrate 150mph

Classic Cars magazine celebrates the days when 150mph really was a huge achievement.

A special 60-page section includes

• Track test of the 150mph kings:

  • Aston Martin DB4GT
  • TVR Tuscan SE
  • Iso Grifo
  • Jaguar E-type
  • Ferrari 275 GTB/4
  • Maserati 5000 GT


• Driving a Jaguar C-type race car on the road
• Speed you can afford with a Lotus Esprit Turbo, BMW M635CSi, TVR V8S and Volvo T5R
• Parnelli Jones on the first 150mph lap of Indianapolis
• Buying the luxury Bristol Beaufighter
• How Malcolm Campbell set the 150mph land speed record in 1925
• A weekend with a Porsche 911 Turbo
• Rover’s 150mph gas turbine car
• The science of speed revealed

All this is in the June issue, on sale now. £4.30