The first ever CCFS competition!

The first ever CCFS competition!

I have surmised the reason for my good mood this week must be the surprisingly clement weather we have been experiencing in the UK and I have noticed my usual sarcasm and generally passive/aggressive demeanour has been tempered somewhat.

Due to the above, this week I have decided to give stuff away by running a competition. Okay, Im not actually giving anything away myself but Ive been given something to give away. Nevertheless, I feel like the person committing the good deed and ergo am reserving the right to feel slightly smug.

Salon Prive (Can someone e-mail me and tell me how to put one of those French accent thingies on an ‘e when typing please?) have given me two tickets - worth £225 each! - to their amazing Concours Delegance Judging Day on Friday the 24th of June to give out to one of our readers. I can say with some authority its an amazing event because I attended last year and it really is a great day out.

Firstly, this event will display some of the finest and most expensive cars from across the world. A few people reading this will be able to afford these supercars but for most people, like myself, this offers the opportunity to explain to the girl/boy (must be politically correct these days) you bought along (dont take a long term partner, you have nothing to gain and theyll know youre not really rich enough to do this type of thing all the time) about why, despite having the money, you wouldnt buy that car as you find it a bit too crass and think the steering is a little sloppy. Obviously you have no idea what the car is like to drive but you guarantee your partner will be impressed. Another favourite of mine is to stand back, look at a car for a bit and say, ‘yes it does have great curves - but it smells of new money.

The second reason this is a great day out is because there is champagne and amazing food included with the tickets. Last year I ate around four lobsters. Even my compatriot who joined me on this outing enjoyed the dining experience and shes a vegan and as such likes almost nothing.

My third reason for liking this day out was that I got a free back massage on a double-decker bus from an attractive young lady who had obviously been told to laugh at everyones jokes no matter how bad they were. And I can assure you after 5 glasses of champagne my jokes were pretty bad.

My fourth reason for liking this event was the venue. Last year it was held at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham, which gave me plenty of opportunities to pompously tell my friends I was going there but that they werent good enough to join me. This year its at Syon House, Twickenham, the ancestral home of the Duke of Northumberland and was founded by Henry V in 1415. This means Ill have plenty of opportunity to pompously quote one of Shakespeares greatest historical plays. Although it is highly unlikely I will be using ‘Men of few words are the best men at any point during the day.

This brings me on nicely to the competition itself and how it is going to work. Initially I had planned some sort of wet T-shirt competition – very 80s I know - until someone showed me the demographics of our readers. This now seems supremely unwise. So to borrow another timeless classic from a primary school county fate Im holding a ‘guess the price competition.

Not through any form of favouritism but simply due the fact the timing fits quite well, Im using 4 cars from the Historics at Brooklands auction coming up in May. You can find full descriptions on these cars on our website by typing the ID numbers into the search box and pressing ‘search.

1969 Lotus Elan Series 2 ‘S- ID 131039

1968 MG MGC GT - ID 131006

1961 Ferrari 250 GTE - ID 129759

1934 Bentley 3 1/2 Litre DHC by The Swallow Coach Builders - ID 129756

Your best guesses in pounds sterling please and to my e-mail address. If you work for an auction house this competition is not open to you Im afraid. The auction takes place on the 18th of May so the competition will remain open until the 17th of May – for obvious reasons! Cars may not sell if they dont reach their reserve and in that event guesses on that particular car will not be counted. (No cash equivalent prize and the judges decision - thats me by the way - is final. In all likelyhood I will accept bribes) In the unlikely event two people are out by exactly the same amount I will look at the names and arbitrarily decide which one sounds like a better person. Oh, and you must be over 18 years old.

I'll be anouncing the winner on the 20th May.

Its a fairly obvious point but whoever enters this must be available to attend on the 24th of June, as such it is open to people outside the UK but please dont enter if you know you will be herding cattle on your ranch, chopping garlic or generally know you will not be in the UK on that day. If you cant attend and want to enter for ‘the fun of it, then please let me know this is your intention. You should probably also visit your doctor.

My tip of the day would be to trawl our auction database to try to find similar cars in similar condition and check their sale prices. Over the last few years Richard has catalogued virtually all cars sold at auction in the UK and most of Europe on this database so this makes a pretty good sounding board when trying to work out prices. My second tip would be to look at the estimates!

At the bottom of the page I have included a link to this event as I really havent done it justice. It was without a doubt the best classic car event I attended last year, much better than the Aylesbury Mini Clubs annual BBQ!

Phil Cooper

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