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1958 LISTER STIRLING MOSS 1 of 10 - £1,000,000

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We are proud to anounce the sale of 10 limited edition Lister Knobbly's - The Lister Stirling Moss Magnesium. "The only racing car ever endorsed by Sir Stirling Moss"

Sir Stirling Moss won the 1958 Silverstone Grand Prix in a 'works' Lister Knobbly and to celebrate his success as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time we have decided to build 10 very special continuation cars.

Brian Lister was obsessed with saving weight and in 1957 he started using Magnesium instead of Aluminium on his works racing cars. He also developed a light weight chassis and by 1958 was able to shave 60kg from the standard weight of a Lister Knobbly. He only made 2 lightweight cars like this, both his own works racing cars, one for Stirling Moss and one for Archie Scott Brown. None of the original cars exist and so following on from the success of our 60th Anniversary Aluminium Lister Knobbly's we are proud to announce that the Lister Motor Company will manufacture 10 unique cars to Brian's original works specification.

What also makes these cars extremely special and collectable is that it is the 2nd car in history to be fully endorsed by Sir Stirling Moss and the only racing car. Every one of the new owners will receive a private invite to dine with Stirling Moss where he will regail you of his race stories (and beleive me they are worth hearing). All owners will also get HTP papers and entry into the Stirling Moss Trophy Series, which includes entry into Silverstone Classic. You will also receive a full day's driver training with renowned Lister race driver, Tiff Needel as well as a full spares package.

SAFETY NOTE: The modern Magnesium used in the production of the Lister Stirling Moss is not flammable and is a modern composite used in the aircraft industry.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy and drive a Lister Knobbly in the exact form it would have been originally. Read the Classic Driver article here about Lister Cars:

Available in Race or Road Legal specification with dry and wet sump engine options. Priced from £595,000 plus taxes in the country of delivery.

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