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Over the winter of 1957-58 Aston Martin's racing department developed a new Formula 1 car, to run alongside their successful DBR1 sports racer. The design conformed to the traditional Grand Prix configuration of a front-engined, rear-mounted gearbox-cum-final-drive assembly. Feltham was to look the dominant Maserati 250F in the eye. The chassis was a lightweight, fine-gauge tubular steel spaceframe, clothed in handsome aluminium bodywork. Powered by a 2-litre version of the marque's highly successful 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin-overhead-camshaft racing engine, the rear end was a DBR1-style transaxle with de Dion-type rear suspension. Four of these DBR4/250 Formula 1 cars were built with names such Ray Salvadori and Carroll Shelby piloting them during that 1959 season. Salvadori achieved a notable 2nd place in the BRDC International Trophy race at Silverstone, but the programme was cut short to finance, and focus on, the Sports Car World Championship. In retrospect, we all know this was a wise choice. When the surviving DBR4 cars eventually found their way into historic racing, DBR4/1 passed into the ownership of renowned Aston Martin collector Geoffrey Marsh, whose Marsh Plant company supported its highly successful appearances at Historic level, driven by Gerry Marshall. At the same time, the Specialist Car Division of Marsh Plant also owned the 1959 Le Mans-winning DBR1, and after it was sold Geoffrey Marsh discussed with the Vintage Sports Car Club a new project. He wanted to recreate DBR4/2, which had been broken up by the factory in period. His Specialist Car Division had a myriad of original components, including a 2-litre Formula 1 engine, 95-degree cylinder head and David Brown transaxle, collected during Marsh Plant's campaigning of both DBR 1/300 and DBR4/1. This is that car. When first completed, it fired into life in Marsh Plant's Havant workshops in 1982, and the VSCC accepted it as a Group IV Historic Racing Car that September. Later that year, the Aston was test run at Goodwood with good results.

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